The Importance of Shared Vision

Just like marriage, being business partners isn’t always a stroll through the park. It’s all big ideas and stars in our eyes until the computers go down and the bookkeeper quits. Suddenly, the business honeymoon is over. But also like marriage, successful partnerships aren’t measured by how they perform when times are good. Smart partners put systems in place to keep them focused on the big picture and weather the inevitable storms. As Copreneurs, you already share a business and a life. Do you also share a vision?  

In a successful partnership, having a shared vision is crucial. Vision is like a compass that helps us chart a course and guides our business decisions. It shows us where to go when we lose our way.  

Vision is what inspires us to stick to our plans when the day-to-day feels too routine. It gives us a bigger purpose and helps renew our energy when the going gets tough. 

Vision also gives us a way to merge our individual strengths, ideas, and goals. Without a shared vision, Copreneurs can find themselves pulling in different directions and not even understand why. 

Creating your shared vision doesn’t have to be a lofty, time consuming exercise. It can be as simple as answering a few key questions together: 

  • What does our business look like in the future? 
  • What are people saying about us?
  • How do our employees feel about their jobs? 
  • How do we as founders feel about the business? 
  • What moves did we make to get here? 
  • What values guided us along the way? 

Vision is what allows you to clearly describe the exciting future that you’re building together. That alone makes vision-setting a worthwhile endeavor.

This Week:  Did you set a vision when you started in business together? If so, is it time to revisit and refresh it? If not, carve out some time to answer the key questions above as a starting point. 

Shared vision is what takes you from working in the trenches to building a business together. 

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