When Business is More than 9 to 5

When your personal and professional lives are so intertwined, the stakes are high. Business couples must learn to juggle their roles, share power and decisions, and balance life and work, all while owning and running a business. CopreneurCPR is dedicated to helping entrepreneurial couples manage these challenges and the many others they face in starting or growing a business together.

By the Numbers

3 Million

U.S. Businesses run by entrepreneurial couples

$3 Trillion

Revenue generated by Copreneur Businesses

20 Million

People employed by Couple-Owned Businesses


Partner Foundations

The strength of your partnership has a big impact on your business results. CopreneurCPR helps you steer toward success by strengthening the foundations of your relationship – communication, agreements, expectations and accountability. We help you work on what makes your relationship thrive, so that together you can create the business you want.

Business Clarity

When you strip away the extraneous, you’re able to focus on what’s essential for making sound business decisions. We help you work on the business of your business – identifying profit levers, evaluating growth strategies, removing business blockages and understanding the financial implications of your decisions and actions.

Want to know how you are doing as a couple in business?

The CPR Baseline for Copreneurs can shed light on how you individually view your business and personal partnership.

Team CPR

As a husband and wife coaching team, we have a passion for working with entrepreneurial couples. We’ve worked through many of the same issues that you may be facing in your business. Our insights and approaches are ones we’ve learned ourselves, as long-time life and business partners.

Our distinct disciplines and different thinking styles – Ron with clear insight and analysis and Margaret with calm focus and intuition – provide a balance that comes to life in our work with Copreneurs.

Ronald L. Wilson, Jr.

As a financial executive for over 30 years, Ron has worked with business owners to implement growth and profitability strategies, during challenging times and conditions. He has advised hundreds of business owners on cash flow, profit improvement, operational efficiencies, capital investment and mergers and acquisitions. Ron is especially skilled in taking accounting, finance, and business operations to the next level for emerging and growing businesses.

  • Master’s in Business Administration, University of Baltimore
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, Towson University
  • Certified Public Accountant, State of Maryland
Margaret E. Wilson

As a business advisor and leadership coach, Margaret has led effective change for business couples, entrepreneurs and multigenerational families in business. She has guided leaders through every stage of business, from vision and start-up, to passing the business to the next generation. In addition to her professional and educational credentials, Margaret’s experience as a corporate leader, entrepreneur, employer and business partner, all inform her work with business couples.

  • Master’s in Applied Behavioral Science, Johns Hopkins University
  • Certificate in Leadership Coaching, Georgetown University
  • Professional Certified Coach, International Coach Federation

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What our Clients Say

The Power of Two2

Couples who run a business together have unique challenges. The Power of Two2 is designed to help business couples manage the challenges they face in starting or growing a business together.



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